The Slick Lips story began in September 2016, after purchasing yet another “flavored” lip balm with a waxy, gross taste that disappeared after .2 seconds. It was then we decided enough was enough: the world deserved a delicious lip product and we were going to make it.

But creating something that tasted great while still keeping the lips protected and hydrated was NOT easy. It took us over 800 tested versions using ingredients from all over the world! (R.I.P. social life!)

But in the end we had something even better than an ordinary flavored balm:

We had a Flavor Slick.

Softer, smoother, and way more delicious, our Flavor Slicks are a cross between a lip balm, lip gloss, and lip oil, and unlike anything you’ve tried before.

So ditch the tacky, flavorless balms and sticky glosses with tons of chemicals. Your lips, and whoever you share them with, will thank you.



Slick Lips Ingredients



Peruvian Cocoa Butter

A rare, velvety smooth Criollo variety of cocoa butter, responsibly farmed in the Amazon rain forest.


Malaysian Coconut Oil

A healthy, hydrating, and slick natural oil that is solid at room temperature, but melts when applied to the lips.


Indian Castor Oil

A full-bodied and lubricating oil that gives an incredibly smooth glide.


Natural Beeswax

Adds grip and body with a plush firmness.


Earth Wax (Ozokerite)

A mineral wax used for its binding properties and slick feel.


Vitamin E (Tocopherol)

An antioxidant with many health benefits


Flavorings & Sweeteners

Our perfect blend of deliciousness that gives you a bright, bold, natural taste instead of waxy flavor.