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Slick Lips uses a perfect combination of the best of the best ingredients from around the world!


Peruvian Cocoa Butter

A rare, velvety smooth Criollo variety of cocoa butter, responsibly farmed in the Amazon rain forest.

Malaysian Coconut Oil

A healthy, hydrating, and slick natural oil that is solid at room temperature, but melts when applied to the lips.

Indian Castor Oil

A full-bodied lubricating oil that gives an incredibly smooth glide.


Adds grip and body with a plush firmness.

Earth Wax (Ozokerite)

A mineral wax used for its binding properties and slick feel.

Vitamin E (Tocopherol)

An antioxidant with many health benefits

Flavorings & Sweeteners

 Our perfect blend of deliciousness that gives you a bright, bold, natural taste instead of waxy flavor.