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4 Ways to Increase Sales as a Slick Lips Retailer


As a retailer of Slick Lips we know you want to make sales, increase sales, and then increase sales some more. So to help you increase sales at your store, we are going to continually share the best tips and practices we find from the retailers and individuals who are currently selling Slick Lips. 1. […]

Update! Slick Lips Is Growing! Retail Here We Come!


Slick Lips is Growing! It’s been a little over 3 months since we first launched Slick Lips, and the support has been awesome. From family, friends, and customers, it’s all been so amazing! When we first started Slick Lips we wanted to give it a few months to test things before we really dove “all-in”. […]

15 Cute Animals to Make Your Day


Slick Lips delivers sweetness in each of our flavor slick lip balms, but nothing like the sweetness of cute animals. So here’s 15 super cute animals to brighten your day! 15 Super Cute Animals This adorable little hedgehog. How cute is this guinea pig?! Cute little trash panda sticking his tongue out. Cute kitty contemplating […]

When to Throw Away Your Beauty Products


At Slick Lips we love beauty products, and it’s hard to throw them out sometimes. But beauty products can harbor harmful bacteria and cause infection if not thrown away or cleaned properly. So here are some popular beauty products and their general expiration dates to help keep you safe! 2-3 Months Liquids tend to grow […]

Ridiculous Benefits of Vitamin E


Vitamin E isn’t just an ingredient in Slick Lips flavor slicks. It’s versatile vitamin with many health benefits ranging from skin care to helping maintain a healthy cardiovascular and nervous system. (1) Below are a few of its many benefits. Benefits of Vitamin E Disease Prevention and Management Free radicals in your blood destroy healthy […]