As a retailer of Slick Lips we know you want to make sales, increase sales, and then increase sales some more.

So to help you increase sales at your store, we are going to continually share the best tips and practices we find from the retailers and individuals who are currently selling Slick Lips.

1. Don’t “Hard” Sell Slick Lips. Encourage Free Sampling with Positive Self-Reviews

If you’re the type that is uncomfortable selling products, we have some great news! The most successful retailers and individual sellers of Slick Lips are the ones who just say something about how they like Slick Lips and then encourage customers to try a free sample. The product typically sells itself!

Our average reporting, based on retailers and individuals actively selling Slick Lips, is that 20-70% of individuals that try a free sample end up making a purchase of at least 1 unit. That’s right, our lowest reported company using this method was 20%!

Here’s a sample approach: First ask the customer if they like lip balm. Next encourage the sample.

If you get a yes, you can simply say something like “Then you have to try these new Slick Lips. They are so good!”. And if you get a no, you can say “You may want to try these new Slick Lips. They’re called flavor slicks because they aren’t like normal lip balms and they’re really good.”

2. Recommend the Free Sample at Checkout

Stores who offer impulse purchases make more money. That’s why you see small dollar items at the checkout lane of a grocery store and why your online checkout process always shows you product recommendations with something like “people who bought this also bought this”, or “would you like to add this to your order?”.

Simply put, if you put Slick Lips at your checkout counter, you will sell more.

And there’s science backing why humans make impulse purchases at checkout. As humans we like to remain consistent, and since you already have a purchasing commitment from your customers, they are likely to purchase more when prompted at checkout.

We recommend you check out this article from Shopify that even specifically mentions why lip balm products are an awesome checkout counter product!

3. Buy a Bulk Amount of Slick Lips

Our best performing retailers have another thing in common: they keep more Slick Lips on hand at all times.

Stores that order more than 100 units at a time outperform retailers who buy less than 50 units at a time by more than 1300%! This includes first-time purchases!

Ultimately what we’ve found is that the retailers who commit to a larger bulk order are far more likely to then commit to making the sample recommendation process a fixed part of their checkout routine. Ultimately an increase in the amount of sales naturally follows that commitment.

4. Give A Free Tube, Not Just A Free Application

Some of our retailers have tried a different approach where they have used Slick Lips as a way of rewarding customer loyalty or large purchases.

Many retailers are finding that the free tube sparks the purchase of additional flavors or multiple units for friends and family. The net result being a free or even profitable customer loyalty program!

While it’s still too early to know numbers on repurchases, getting your customer base to enjoy a product that needs to be repurchased in the future is a great way to lock in consistent future sales.

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