Vitamin E isn’t just an ingredient in Slick Lips flavor slicks. It’s versatile vitamin with many health benefits ranging from skin care to helping maintain a healthy cardiovascular and nervous system. (1) Below are a few of its many benefits.

Benefits of Vitamin E

Disease Prevention and Management


Free radicals in your blood destroy healthy cells and can lead to cancer and heart disease. These free radicals are naturally produce by the body, but can cause extreme damage when they oxidize or accelerate. The antioxidant abilities of vitamin E reduce the free radical damage, reduce inflammation, and naturally slow aging of cells. It is also used as a treatment of symptoms for patients going through radiation or dialysis treatments. (2)

Vitamin E also supports a healthy immune system. It does this by inducing early recovery of thymic cell degeneration and improving thymic epithelial cells to tell immature T-cells apart. Maintaining a healthy immune system can prevent diseases and maintain symptoms of existing diseases or conditions. (3)

Cardiovascular Health


Vitamin E’s antioxidant properties fight cholesterol oxidation which leads to having high levels “bad” cholesterol in your system. With a natural (not synthetic) source of vitamin E in your system it can balance out cholesterol and prevents cell adhesion. Cell adhesion can lead to atherosclerosis, which is the thickening and hardening of the arteries. (4)

Decreasing Alzheimer Disease Symptoms


In a double-blind study, a group of individuals with mild to moderate Alzheimer Disease were given daily vitamin E supplements and monitored. It was found that the group that had the vitamin E had decreased in caregiver burden and decrease in dementia. (5)

Reducing Muscle Damage


To reduce damage to your muscles after a high endurance exercise take 100 – 200 mg of vitamin E supplements daily. It helps reduce the amount of oxidation damage to your muscles, so muscles can fully recover after a high endurance workout. (6)

Pregnancy Care


Taking vitamin E during pregnancy protects important fatty acids and helps in development of neurological and brain function. Nursing mothers and infants up to 2 years old are recommended to take vitamin E supplements. This helps with development and to prevent abnormalities.

Skin Care


People use Vitamin E as a natural anti-aging ingredient, because it reduces inflammation in your body and on your skin. Its antioxidant properties protect the skin from various effects such as, skin cancer, wrinkles, edema, and skin thickening. Use vitamin E to reduce wrinkles, protect skin, and even help clear acne. (7)

Hair Care


As vitamin E protects your skin, it can also protect your hair. Adding a few drops to your hair can increase circulation to the follicles, prevent an itchy flaky scalp, and make your hair healthy and fresh.

And thus concludes our list on this amazing vitamin.

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