Here are a few ways you can benefit from beeswax. As you’ll see, there are many, which is one reason we chose it as an ingredient in Slick Lips.

1. Skin Benefits



Beeswax “locks in” moisture to keep your skin smooth. Beeswax is also high in Vitamin A which promotes cellular growth and re-hydrates the skin. (1)


The beeswax properties that help moisturize your skin also moisturize chapped lips. Rich in Vitamin A and when strategically added with other ingredients, just like in Slick Lips flavor slicks, it can make for an amazing lip experience.


Along with a healthy diet and exercise, beeswax is very effective at clearing acne. Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties treat acne, while also moisturizing and keeping skin smooth after the acne disappears. (1)

Reduces Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are caused by lack of collagen in your skin. Vitamin A which is found in beeswax helps with collagen production. When added to other products such as cocoa butter and coconut oil you have a great natural remedy for reducing stretch marks. (1)

2. Hair Health


Hair Growth

Beeswax can naturally promote healthy hair growth. While the beeswax moisturizes, it also helps prevent breakage and hair loss.

Hair Moisturizer

Beeswax “locks” in moisture to help contain smooth healthy hair. Use beeswax as a natural hair styling wax, it helps hold the best hairstyles while conditioning your hair.

3. Nutritional Benefits


Liver Protection

In a study that was published in the Korean Journal of Internal Medicine researched the effects of beeswax alcohols on people that suffer from fatty liver disease. After a period of 24 weeks the study found that using a mixture of beeswax alcohol helped reduce symptoms of fatty liver and normalized liver function. (2)

Lower Cholesterol Levels

The long-chain fatty alcohols found in plant based foods such as, unrefined grains and beeswax, lower “bad” cholesterol by 21% and raised “good” cholesterol by 29%. (3)

4. Anti-Inflammatory and Natural Pain Reliever

In the Korean Journal of Internal Medicine a double-blind study was done where patients with osteoarthritis symptoms where given a mixture of beeswax alcohols or a placebo to use to treat their symptom pains. The found within 6-8 weeks the patients that were using the beeswax alcohols to treat their osteoarthritis pain was reduced by a significant amount. (4)

5. Anti-Stress Candles

When buying or making beeswax candles, make sure to get 100% organic beeswax with cotton wicks. This will insure that your product is free of toxins and is safe to burn. You can also use beeswax candles as a stress reliever. When burnt it releases a relaxing aroma and naturally has stress relief properties. (5)
For instructions on how to make your own beeswax candle click the link below.

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