Love the taste of Slick LipsJuicy Watermelon flavor slick? Then here are some other ways to enjoy the taste of watermelon this summer.

1. Popsicle

Something to calm you down this summer, delicious popsicles! Made with layered watermelon blend, coconut milk, and kiwi, this treat will keep you cool all summer.

2. Watermelon Ice

Freeze small sections of the melon and add it to any drink for a natural flavor as the ice melts.

3. Salsa

Substitute melons instead of tomatoes into your salsa for a unique and sweet taste for your favorite tacos.

4. Frozen Coolers

A blended mix of melon, ice, raspberry sorbet, lemon juice, and confectioners sugar (for thickness) is a great cool drink for this summer’s heat.

5. Salad

Instead of adding berry to your salad, try fresh melon. It’s a sweet twist to an everyday salad.

6. Smoothies

Mix seedless melon into a blender and enjoy! Add other fruits for a wonderful summer thirst quencher.

7. Keg

Cutting open the top of a seedless watermelon, blend the insides and add any type of booze and mix you prefer. Insert a tap at bottom of the melon and there you go, a keg with your favorite boozy drink!

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