When it comes to price, Slick Lips’ Candied Cappuccino flavor slick is nothing compared to these coffee beans. Here are the world’s most expensive coffee beans.


12. Haiti Blue Pine Forest Coffee Beans $25.00/lb.

These coffee beans are best known for its rich flavor, sweetness, and medium body.

11. El Salvador Los Planes Coffee Beans $40.00/lb.

These coffee beans are larger than most beans and have a slight blueberry and raspberry flavor. This family grown coffee placed 2nd in the 2006 and 6th in 2011 Cup of Excellence.

10. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Beans $49.00/lb.

Grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, this coffee is mostly known for its pleasant mild flavor and virtually no bitterness.

9. Brazil Fazenda Santa Ines Coffee Beans $50.00/lb.

This traditional family farm processes their coffee naturally, which in turn gives the coffee a consistent sweet berry and smooth caramel flavor.

8. Guatemala Huehuetenango Coffee Beans $50.00/lb.

This coffee won 1st place in 2006, 6th in 2007, and 3rd in 2002 Cup of Excellence Awards. It has a rich chocolatey flavor with a toffee like sweetness.

7. Hawaii Kona Coffee Beans $55.00/lb.

Due to the complex trade regulations, the price of these coffee beans has risen in the past years.

6. El Injerto Peaberry $60.00/lb.

This coffee is processed by manually separating small beans known as a “peaberry”. The coffee has a strong fruit and floral flavor, which makes this coffee very popular.

5. St. Helena Coffee $79.00/lb.

Grown on an isolated island of the coast of Africa, it’s high quality and floral flavor makes this price well worth the price.

4. Ospina $120.00/lb.

Ospina is one of the oldest plantations in Colombia. Grown in volcanic ash, this coffee has nut and a strong smooth caramel flavor.

3. Esmeralda Gesha $150.00/lb.

Produced in Boquete, Panama this coffee has a rose, lavender, and juniper berry flavor.

2. Panama Hacienda La Esmeralda Coffee Beans $350.00/lb.

Highly sought after, it has thirteen 1st place finishes since 2004. Set at a price of $350 per pound, it’s a once in a lifetime experience for many coffee lovers.

1. Civet/ Kopi Luwak Coffee Beans $600.00/lb.

In Indonesia, these coffee beans undergo an unusual way method of processing. A nocturnal animal called the Civet eats the fresh coffee cherries. Workers collect beans from its feces after digestion, which is said to remove the bitterness. The collection process results in a higher price, but is popular in Indonesia and Vietnam.

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