You’re looking for healthier skin. Why? Because you’re smart and know that your skin is the biggest organ in your body! So here are a few simple tips from Slick Lips to help you have healthier skin:

8 Ways to Healthier Skin

1. Sunscreen


The number one way to protect your skin is by using sunscreen and staying out of the sun for long periods at a time. Long periods in the sun can result in sunspots, wrinkles, and can even lead to skin cancer. Make sure you always have SPF applied and with you.

2. Avoid Smoking


Smoking damages collagen and elastin, which are the fibers that give you skin elasticity and strength. Smoking can also lead to premature wrinkles and depletes the skin of its nutrients and oxygen.

3. Simple Skincare Regiments


More is not better, many products can cancel themselves out, they can also cause more irritation. When trying new skincare products, try to finish the whole bottle before trying something new. Don’t forget your neck while doing your normal facial regiments.

4. Limit Hot Baths or Showers


Hot water can strip the skin of its natural oils. Use mild temperature water and avoid harsh soaps. Once out of the shower gently pat the skin with a towel as rubbing can also strip away natural oils. Moisturize afterwards, as you lose moisture after showers/baths and it’s a prime time to add it back.

5. Clean Your Makeup Brushes


Makeup brushes and sponges collect dirt and bacteria. It is important to clean brushes every 2 to 3 weeks and sponges once a week using a light facial cleanser and lukewarm water, rinse and let dry.

6. Retinoids


Consider retinoids as part of your skincare regiment, as its said to boost collagen, reduce fine lines, unplug pores, and help clear up acne. There are prescription and over the counter creams or gel that you could buy.

7. Stress Management



We personally find Slick Lips flavor slicks to be an awesome way to handle daily stressors (like being stuck in rush hour traffic!!!), and controlling stress and enjoying a healthy balanced life will help keep your skin healthy and reduce wrinkle formation. And always make sure you get a good night’s sleep to rejuvenate your skin.

8. Wash Your Face Before Bed


Use a gentle makeup remover and an oil-free cleanser. Leaving makeup can clog pores and can cause dryness. Make sure to remove all eye makeup, if not it can cause milia cysts and rashes.

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