The mom and daughter bond is a truly beautiful thing. As a way to live and love deliciously here are 25 awesome things to do together this summer. And as always, be sure to bring some Slick Lips along to make these experiences that much more delicious!

Mom and Daughter Activities

1. Spa Day


Whether it’s at an actual spa or just at home, a spa day is a great way to relax.

2. Painting Pottery


Take a class or buy paint and blank pottery/figurines from a hobby store.

3. Outlet Shopping


Retail therapy is the best therapy, and a great way to bond.

4. Create a Recipe


Create something you’ve never heard of, try new things, and before you know it you have a secret family recipe that’ll be passed down throughout generations!

5. Have a Pajama Day


What’s better than being in your pajamas all day?

6. Take an Exercise Class or Run


Get your bodies moving by going to the gym or just going for a run together.

7. Plant a Garden


Even though gardening is work, being together and creating something beautiful can be a peaceful and fulfilling experience for both mom and daughter.

8. Volunteer


Find something you both are passionate about and volunteer at a local charity.

9. Make Jewelry


How cute would it be to have matching best friend jewelry?!?

10. Ride Bikes


Mountain biking or a motorcycle ride, either way going out on a nice day and enjoying the scenery is an amazing way to spend together.

11. Bake Cookies


Spending time in the kitchen making sweets then eating them, how awesome is that?

12. See a Broadway Play


If you both love musicals or plays, this is a must! Getting dressed up and going to a show is something you guys won’t ever forget.

13. Play with Makeup


Experiment with different types of makeup ideas. Try out that mermaid makeup look or even make up your own style!

14. Hike a Trail


Being surrounded by nature, exploring, and being active, hiking is a great activity together!

15. Walk the Beach


This summer take a walk on the beach, it’s natural beauty and calm sounds of the waves will surely by a great experience.

16. Visit a Museum


Visiting any type of museum is a great way to learn new and interesting things.

17. Make Ice Cream


Be a mad scientist this summer and make your own home made ice cream, add whatever you want and taste test your concoction.

18. Watch the Sunrise


Waking up early and watching the sunrise together is a great way to start off a day and put the important things in focus.

19. Karaoke Night


It doesn’t matter if you’re both tone deaf, as long as you two are having fun!

20. Go Out for Brunch


Brunch is delicious, even better with mimosas.

21. Go to a Sporting Event


Sporting events are a great way to bond! Cheer for your team, eat a stadium hot dog, and enjoy the stadium atmosphere, there is nothing quite like it.

22. Have a Photo Shoot


It doesn’t have to be professional, but the pictures will always be a reminder of the great time you had together.

23. Go Berry Picking


Picking yummy berries and making them into some kind of sweet dessert or just eating them by themselves is fun and a must this year.

24. Take a Road Trip


Going on a scenic road trip together is always a great summer bonding activity.

25. Create a Photo Album with Bucket List Memories


Don’t just let those pictures sit in you phone, put them in a nice photo album so you can look through a reminisce about all the fun things you did this summer!

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