Summer is here, and Slick Lips wants you to get the most out of it, so here are 10 fun things to see and do before it ends!

10. Go to a Music Festival

There’s nothing like live music. If you have never been to a music festival, do it this summer! There are so many music festival out there that there is something for you no matter what genre of music you listen to!

9. Stargaze

Looking into the stars can be one of the most relaxing, introspective, and most humbling experiences. Whether you are in your own backyard or camping in the middle of nowhere, stargazing is a must do this summer!

8. Take a Hike

The world is full of some pretty amazing views and many of those are at the top of a hill (or mountain) near you! Hiking can be done at your local parks or you can take a trip to the many beautiful National Parks the US has to offer. Either way, getting outside and hiking this summer should be on the to do list!

7. Amusement Park

This year plan a trip to an amusement park! Any place that has a Ferris Wheel, roller coasters, and definitely some fried food (like elephant ears)!

6. Wine Tasting

You visit a gorgeous vineyard, sample wines, and have a great time! Do I have to say more?!

5. Plan a Picnic

Picnics may seem old fashion, but there is something about packing a lunch in a cute picnic basket, unfolding a soft picnic blanket, and sitting in the green grass. It’s almost like being in a romantic comedy, but better! Don’t forget the wine!

4. Go To a Baseball Game

Relaxing in the stands with friends, eating a stadium hot dog, and enjoying the big game atmosphere is an amazing time, especially if your team is winning! A baseball game is definitely something you should do this summer!

3. Visit a Beach

Going to the beach is probably the most popular summer activity on people’s to do list. You can do whatever you want: read, sunbathe, surf, swim, snorkel, or bury your friends in the sand. The activities are endless!!!

2. Go on a Boat

Just like on the beach there are so many activities to be done from a boat: sailing, fishing, water skiing, whale watching, tubing, etc. Being on a boat is always a good time and should definitely be planned for this summer.

1. Road Trip

Grab some snacks and bust out your “Road Trip” playlist, because we’re going on a trip! Feeling the feeling the freedom and adventure of setting out a long distance drive with your best friends is something everyone should experience! Pick a destination, pack your gear, and explore!

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